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Gray Matter

In case you’re wondering what in the world “gray matter” means, here’s the inspiration behind the name.

Picture of a brain

Gray Matter is brain matter.

Your transformation may start on the outside, but the transformation on the inside is the one that really counts. Gray matter is a term that describes the network of cells that make up your brain. These cells are collectively responsible for everything you think, feel, and believe.

While we focus on the outside, living in a body you love depends on doing the inner work: building good habits, developing discipline, gaining confidence, and cultivating positive self-image.

Picture of black and white contrast

Gray Matter lies between extremes.

There is a lot of black and white thinking out there when it comes to nutrition and fitness. Some believe that health means restricting your food options to chicken, rice, and broccoli. Others believe that you should trust your intuition and eat anything you crave, even if it’s a double-double with a side of animal fries. Some believe that you need to go hard in the gym day after day. Others believe that it’s better to prioritize stress reduction and opt for gentle movement.

What you really need is somewhere in between, and what works for someone else may not work for you. Embracing the gray area and experimenting to find what feels best to you is the only way to find peace in the convoluted world of health advice.